Powerful visual languages and clever designs are what makes brands memorable, but a memorable Brand Identity is a lot more than just good looks. We develop brands to help businesses thrive by delving deep into the values and inspirations of your business and building a graphic identity to reflect this core. These visual cues will have you remembered for all the right reasons and distinguish your business in your customers mind.


Na Lia


"Na Lia" means "I love you" and this logo utilises the osram ne nsoromma symbol of the moon and star, which represents love, bonding and faithfulness in marriage. The client wanted to reflect her African heritage with these words and symbols whilst keeping a modern feel for her business which supports and celebrates non-traditional and diverse weddings.

Work included

  • Business consultation

  • Branding design

  • Logo suite


Na Lia is a modern wedding photography business capturing love in all its expressions, from intimate styled elopements to both non-traditional and culturally diverse weddings. We embrace that all love is equal, and highlight what it means to live in Australia in the 21st century. Na Lia Weddings delivers candid and timeless images with ethical and honest choices.


Past work